Levelling Up your Social Media Game to Optimize Results!


The most dominant social media platform in the world is the perfect place to establish your brand and grow your business.


An image and video based network - let us help you really show off your product!


One of the best places to develop, curate and maintain relationships with your customers.


Studies show that Facebook advertising will continue growing from here till the next 5 years, 3-fold what it is now. Clearly, a great time to invest your business into Facebook and other social media platforms is RIGHT NOW!

There are over 2.8 billion active people on Facebook! That’s a huge amount of audience data, just waiting for you to seize it! Facebook already has a huge percentage of your market; you don’t have to chase them; you know exactly where they are, it’s simply about being able to target them – and we help you do that and beyond!

Facebook Advertising

Make the most of the world’s largest advertising platform and drive more customers to your brand than ever before. Facebook is rich with features that boost your marketing game on the internet but not everyone knows how to optimize a business ad properly. Experts at Cyanic Marketing have been using Facebook to ensure that all our clients surpass their advertising goals. To do that, we define your audience for enhanced ad-targeting by setting a customer profile and filtering for various demographics and psychographics. Additionally, we also connect your Facebook page to your website or application to attract people similar to your current client base.

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Make the most of your Facebook ad spend with Cyanic Digital Marketing!

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world, however if not used properly, you could be wasting your ad spend. We will research your prime audience and target them directly, so you know exactly where your ad spend is going and how it’s being used.

Create a Facebook ad strategy that will generate results!

We are a company based on results! It is for that reason that we don’t need to lock in our clients with lengthy contracts, they see our results and win their business each month. We will create a result-based Facebook ad strategy for your business that will bring in a higher customer engagement and leads that will convert, thanks to our prime audience research.

Original is always better

We will create original content for your page that we know converts well on Facebook or is to the appeal of your target audience. And for even better results, we offer custom made images to showcase your product/service at its peak!

A marketing team working for your business

We don’t just offer you a team manager, but a whole team, working hard behind your business, researching, strategizing, planning, targeting, and finally executing the perfect ad for your business.

Why your business should be advertising with Facebook?

Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet. In fact, Facebook is such a behemoth in the social media universe, with a dynamic use of ads, a massive daily and active user count, a conversation app to create relationships with your customers and intelligent targeting, there has never been a better time to advertise with Facebook.

Increase your revenue, build relationships with your customers, and generate high interest leads that convert to sales.

It works!

Our Facebook ads team offers a fantastic track record with ROI. We ensure every element of your campaign is tracked so you can see our results and see your business grow before your very eyes.

Your audience is on Facebook

With over 2.8 billion active monthly users on Facebook, your target market is definitely on there, the only question is, how do I find target them? That’s where Cyanic Marketing comes in, with our thorough audience research, we will filter through the masses and make sure your ad is only shown to the people who are potential customers.

Facebook Management

There is more than one way to create relationships with your clients, create leads, increase revenue and generate sales – Through organic growth, which is a sector in which Cyanic Marketing excels at. Sure, paid advertising may generate those results faster, but slow and steady growth through the day-to-day management and engagement of your Facebook Page will establish and strengthen your social media presence and credibility in a much more long-lasting direction than periodic advertising ever could.

Plus, you can always boost any particular post(s) or launch an advertising campaign later on down the line.


Instagram is a leading social media platform and has become a huge, diverse online community with unlimited marketing potential.

Instagram is the perfect platform for companies looking to attract their customers with eye catching visuals of their product or service, that simply no other social media network can duplicate.

Why you should be advertising Instagram?

  • Roughly one billion monthly active users.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words – Image and video-based network, creating a dynamic and easy use for users and companies alike.
  • 300 million people use Instagram stories every single day.
  • No signs of slowing down! Very much a network on the rise, constantly growing with new users and your potential customers!
  • You too can trend! According to recent statistics 33% of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses, let us make you one of those businesses!

It’s easy to see why Instagram is one of the most popular and powerful social media networks on the planet.

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Instagram Advertising

80% of users follow the businesses they love on Instagram! We will help you build a highly engaged and loyal following. Advanced audience targeting: Let’s not advertise to the wrong people. We will gain valuable information on your target audience that will help increase your sales and grow your brand!  Engage with key influencers in your market. Even better the second time round! Once we have met your targets, we will re-group and strategize an even better ad campaign to generate even higher results! We will create a powerful marketing strategy that will achieve your business objectives. A great place for influencers!

A great way to build your brand’s credibility in the Instagram community is through a close relationship with influencers, Cyanic Marketing works closely with several influencers, let’s grow your brand together.

Instagram Management

There is a huge advantage in Instagram being driven by purely image/video-based content. Instagram commands a much higher engagement in its users and traffic than their less image-based competitors and even some other forms of visual content platforms, such as YouTube and Pinterest.

This signifies that with strong content, comes a strong (and loyal) following. That’s where Cyanic Digital Marketing comes in, creating beautiful and eye-catching content that stands out to get your business the attention and following, that it deserves. You don’t need ads for us to increment your following and to ensure with our audience research that your content is in the eyes of the right people!

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Twitter may not be the behemoth that Facebook and Instagram are, but Twitter still commands a serious online presence. With an impressive 330 million users, Twitter can not only increase your brand recognition, but it’s also one of the best platforms to start a great rapport with your customers and maintain long lasting customer to business relationships.

Twitter is used by all ages, from 18-64, so you can rest assured that with such a varied audience, your target market is there, they just need to be found with the proper audience research. Not only will we help you find your prime audience, but we will also help you create the best original content to appeal to your customers and start a trusted relationship on one of the most trusted social media platforms.

Give your twitter creativity and visuals to increase your brand an provide the proper recognition through Twitter.

A very shocking statistic – 22% of Americans are on Twitter!

Twitter Advertising

Although sometimes overlooked due to the massive size of Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is still the 4th most used Social Media Network, only behind the two previous mentioned networks and YouTube. It’s a great platform to launch (Twitter) Ads as you can build Tailored Audiences and seek out exactly who you’re looking for and have them interact with your communication.

Image/icon/division of some kind

Tweets with images get 150% more retweets

54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their website, searching for the brand, or retweeting content).

The last two years have seen a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter.

It would be good to add a lot of images in the whole Twitter section, since there’s not that much to say in Twitter that I haven’t already written.

Twitter Management

Twitter is somewhat different to other social media, unlike Facebook and Instagram that only require a few posts per day, Twitter is recommended to have a high number of posts and a general high engagement and customer response. This can be very time consuming and demanding for a business, Cyanic Marketing will take your account on and manage your twitter for steady growth and good customer engagement to build your brands reputation and to solidify your online presence.

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Social Media vs Traditional Marketing

Why advertise on Social Media if you have already been advertising your business through more traditional means and they have proven successful? Is Social Media really necessary to advertise your product or service?

Well, the short answer – yes. The long answer…

It’s impressive to think that the first Social Media website (SixDegrees.com, in case you were interested) was set up in 1997 and now just 24 years later the number for daily active Social Media users is at roughly 3.5 billion, which equals to about 45% of the global population! That is a growth margin that very few businesses can replicate for a daily active use of any product in the world. Not only that, but it’s increasing every day! And has no sign of slowing down, Facebook alone is set to triple its audience within the next 5 years, that’s a pretty big audience. An audience that are constantly looking at ads, sometimes without even knowing it. An example of this is Instagram, that has managed to make advertising a product or service a fun experience for a customer, instead of a bothersome one – 300 million people use Instagram stories every single day and 33% of those stories are from business Instagram profiles, this means that when a customer is following your brand, publicity can be as simple as adding a story, which your loyal followers want to see.

Numbers don’t lie

There is simply no other service that can offer this level of global coverage. But that’s not even the best part, It’s also affordable!

For a variety of platforms with an audience that is literally in the billions, prices are not as high as some other forms of more conventional advertising, with even a limited budget, you can get your product or service seen by a wide and varied audience all logging in on a daily basis to these networks, and you can stretch that budget even further with Cyanic Digital Marketing, by thorough audience research, we define your target audience and show your ads directly to your relevant and potential customers, taking advantage of every penny spent.

The data

Social Media Marketing allows you to quickly increase your visibility to very specific candidates, we can create campaigns based on demographic and sociodemographic data, interests, behaviours, experience, etc.

But how is this data acquired?

Through two very important factors – Audience research and ad tracking.

This is where yet another advantage of Social Media Marketing comes into play, allowing you to see how customers and potential customers are reacting to your ad is something that is exclusive to digital marketing since in traditional marketing the consumer is often limited to being a simple spectator (bus ad, billboard, magazine/newspaper ad, etc.), who does not have a voice in the results of the success or failure of any particular ad. With Social Media however, you can see if a user is genuinely interested in your product or not, allowing you to know your audience better and who to target in the future.

It's not all about the ads

Ads are all well and good, and will definitely being you closer to your business objectives, but what about the other aspects of Social Media?

Communication – A huge advantage of the Social Media universe is that it doesn’t just stop at advertisements, content and a huge global coverage. It also offers you the opportunity to open a dialogue with your customers and begin to build a business to customer relationship, which if done correctly, will greatly increase the loyalty of your customers and your brands credibility. This direct contact with customers is something relatively unprecedented on any other platform and yet another advantage of Social Media and why your company should already be taking advantage of these digital tools.

Organic Growth – A Facebook page, Instagram account or any social media can’t be maintained by just a stream of ads. Your followers need a sense of consistency, communication and quality content, in order to become invested in your brand and be receptive when you do launch an ad campaign. So, how is this managed? Through steady and consistent management of your account, posting frequently and through proper interactions with your customers. Cyanic Digital Marketing offers Social Media Management as standard on every one of our packages, check them out!

So, are you ready to discover a whole new world of leads and sales opportunities?